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If you’ve struggled from jaw bone loss due to missing teeth, you’re not alone, and there’s a solution to get you smiling again. A ridge augmentation recreates the natural contour of the gums and jaw bone, restoring its form and creating a solid foundation for implants.

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A Real Patient's Dental Implant Story

This patient presented with failed root canals and a jawbone infection, necessitating the extraction of both front teeth. To preserve as much of her upper jawbone as possible, we performed bone grafts after extracting the teeth. Once she had fully healed, we utilized CAD/CAM software to meticulously plan her implant surgery on the computer. What we had anticipated to be a two-hour procedure was accomplished in just ten minutes, thanks to our advanced planning and precise execution of the tooth implant in Palm Beach Gardens. Following the implant placement, she underwent another healing period before we crafted custom crowns that seamlessly matched the shade and shape of her adjacent natural teeth. The patient expressed great satisfaction with the final outcome, as the implant-supported crowns appeared even more lifelike and natural than her original front teeth. Our team's expertise and commitment to utilizing the latest technologies ensured a successful and aesthetically pleasing result.

Why should I choose ridge augmentation?

After tooth extraction, the jaw bone may need to be rebuilt and reshaped to make sure that your mouth can accommodate a dental implant, or for aesthetic purposes. Not everyone needs ridge augmentation, but it’s often done immediately after tooth extraction to avoid the need for another surgery. If your oral surgeon believes that your jaw bone may need strengthening, it’s a good idea to get ridge augmentation during your tooth extraction procedure.

Did you know…

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Losing a tooth can weaken the underlying jawbone by 25% or more within just 12 months.

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